Younger people dating older people

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Would his pocket money mean that we could only go on cheap dates? Long term though, it was not what I wanted, the age gap began to be a problem. and mostly they havent yet invested in carpet slippers, pipe and given up on loife lmfao but really, boundaries are to filter out the negatives..things you know wont work for ya as for positives..should try to keep an open mind, should we not??

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I know that most of us have an idea of the age of someone we would see ourselves dating.

I was wondering`: How important are these 'boundaries'? Would you date someone outside these ages, and if not, why not?

I dated a guy who was 14 years older than me for 3 years (a long time ago! I guess it was the age gap that split us up in the end: He wanted to settle down and have a family and I wanted to see the world and explore life... The alternative to dting someoneolder or younger is dating someone that was born on the same day as you..could take a while to find will find they are hours older or younger..about a minefield Have dated a guy 14 years younger but probably would not do it again...

If a guy was very much younger Id have a number of concerns: Would his skateboard as a means of transport necessitate me to do all the traveling? What do I do if he's grounded on a day we were due to meet? It was fun, we had a good time, and it lasted 18 months...

Blackraven, Having done it before, would you do it again?

Younger people dating older people

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