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With a witty he said/she said style, Marriable will help you expose and eliminate the secret ways you may look desperate by helping you understand yourself-and the opposite sex.

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Whether you're in a new relationship or haven't dated in years, this revolutionary book will show you how to turn desperate into Marriable.

Hayley and Michael Di Marco have more than forty years of dating desperation between them.

After meeting online, they have found wedded bliss (or something like it) and a passion to write and creatively package relevant books through their company, Hungry Planet. There are many good things about this book, but space is limited, so I'll only address a HUGE problem.

The chapter `Men Lie to Get What They Want' is mostly good; it deals with how men often lie to get sex and admiration from women.

The fact that he gets to have sex with you is just a bonus." Then, `But ladies, just in case your guy doesn't take these words of advice, prepare yourself for lies desperately seeking admiration and sex. Sincere men aren't perfect, but these slurs are insulting and patently false.

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