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Most people attending are between 25 and early 40s but all ages are welcome. We are eager and happy to bring to the Professional Muslim singles in Malaysia an avenue to meet.Join a Speed Dating party and enjoy 15 to 20 consecutive private 5 minute dates. Tokyo Speed Dating will later forward contact details to members of couples that scored each other 'Yes'. A modern new way to meet many new potential partners in a fun and relaxed evening.

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With Speed Dating, you don't need to come up with catchy pick up lines and you don't need to wait around for someone to come say silly pick up lines to you.

Join a Speed Dating event and you too will date the good looking ones in a fun and relaxed environment. They international events where you can speak any language you want!

Within 2 days, we then inform members of couples who both liked each other of their contact details by e-mail.

This means that within two days you will probably have the contact details of several people whom you have met and liked and who would like to see you again too.

Are you interested in really meeting many new people and deciding who you want to date?

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