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Believe me, it breaks your heart when one of the persons you love the most leaves you when they realize they'll never get you into bed. It's a selfish stance, its the same as "friends" that advise you to leave whomever you're with at the slightest sight of problems, in hopes you'd hook up with them instead whether sooner or later.Give her time to grieve the loss of the relationship FFS.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I told her I had feelings for her about 3 years ago and she said she just cared for me as a friend. She just split up with her bf a couple weeks ago and we've been talking Alot lately.

I have always had a thing for her and we both are extremely comfortable around each other and don't hold anything about.

I know if I keep talking to her and hanging out with her I'll want more and I don't want to get shot down again I am a similiar situation, my post is below (Mixed Signals) It's really tough to spend time with someone you have feelings for, when they don't have the same in return. It sounds like you need to restrict yourself with her.

It leaves you reading into every action and every word....misinterpreting things , so you see it the way you want it. The point is, if she said she only wants to be your friend, then you have to believe her. She's already told you no, so it's up to you to respect her decision and accept her no as a NO.

She wasn't interested in your before, why should she be interested now? that's not what she told you, she said "I care for you as a friend", not "I'm in a relationship right now".

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