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The blog was NOT written for the general public, it was for the sole purpose of bringing Michael Pattemore's conviction for fraud to the attention of the British Franchise Association (BFA) as Michael was asking potential franchisees to invest in his business by buying franchises.

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The BFA looked at the facts themselves and after deliberation decided to bar Virtual Property World and Michael Pattemore from exhibiting at their events and withdraw their accreditation.

As far as we know, only very few people became aware of the blog during the short 3 week period it was live online.

The one small mistake in the blog was to refer to Michael's conviction as "Property Fraud" and not "Investment Fraud".

Michael Pattemore and Lynda Bellingham then proceeded to sue me for "defamation and damages", they stated that the blog had "ruined" their business, Virtual Property World.

I never sought to make others, apart from the BFA, aware of it.

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