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Study: ‘World of Warcraft’ better for singles than online dating sites to meet the love of your life online?Try to be open-minded, because they might be an orc.The first official Warcraft wedding dates back to 2006, and just a year later, a couple who met playing online game Everquest tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in both the game and the real-world (Vegas, of course) simultaneously.

[Related: Great geeky wedding moments] None of that is surprising, but a look beyond the numbers paints an even more romantic picture for Warcraft.

According to the study, a whopping 75% of Warcraft players are dating someone else playing the game, and of those, another 75% actually traveled over 100 miles to meet their current partner. Even crazier, the study claims that if a guy contacts 100 women at, he can expect to hear back from a whopping one of them.

Meanwhile, over 40% of female Warcraft players report feeling attracted to another player.

In truth, gamers have been finding romance through video games for years now.

So should you can your OKCupid profile and start searching for your soulmate in Stormwind?

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