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It was Susan who reported them to police after walking in on them making love in the autumn of 2006, and shouted in horror: "What you are doing is morally wrong." She is barely on speaking terms with them now.

At the meeting in their mother Susan's home in Glenrothes, Fife, they were both struck with an unexpected thunderbolt of recognition, physical attraction and almost instant longing.

Within three weeks they were lovers and Danielle's marriage to her 28-year-old husband was over.

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She is a petite, delicate, blue-eyed blonde, while he is a strapping young man with auburn hair and soft brown eyes which never stray for long from her face. They hold hands, they kiss, they stroke each other's arms, they listen attentively to each other. What makes this scene so disturbing, however, is the fact that Danielle and Nick are half brother and sister.

"I know that loving my brother in this way is wrong morally and legally, but it just feels right," says 22-year-old Danielle.

"The only way to explain it is to say that the day I met Nick, I felt I had finally met my soulmate. I would marry him if I could."Nick, 28, adds: "My feelings are very confused.

I should feel ashamed of it, but I don't."Danielle and Nick have different fathers but the same mother.

They grew up apart after Nick was placed in foster care as a child, and only met as adults in August 2006.

Woohoo cute brunette on dating website quick bedroom scene 1280x720

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