Women who want to use skype to have sex

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This "never-before-reported study of why women have sex was conducted online between June 2006 and April 2009.....

Women who want to use skype to have sex-56

One of the book's first examples of this is "the scent of sexiness." Women's sense of smell enables them to help select their best possible mates by the odor of the males "pheromones." A male's scent enables women to identify good hygiene and clues to the male's immune system and body symmetry and whether mating with them will produce superior offspring.

That's only a tiny sample of the fascinating information supplied by this book.

Every little blurb seemed to be from a female age 19, 23, 21, 25, 20, etc. It just doesn't fit the subject matter for this one though. ;^) Clearly someone's academic research that hasn't been fully rewritten for a popular audience, it's a bit dry and formal, and lacks a certain empathy or connection with the research subjects.

But the women's individual stories are great reading; they're amazingly frank about why they did what they did.

A wide range of motivation is revealed, underscoring the cultural and emotional complexity of this basic human drive.

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