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by  |  25-Aug-2015 19:03

The Windows 10 November Update similarly had issues where it would reset user set defaults, remove incompatible programs and the like.

While this is great news for news sites covering tech, consumers and prosumers are much less amused.

Naturally, this is incompatible with the modern treatment of software as a service whereby OS creators annual change and add features to their devices via software updates over the supported lifetime of the device, but even then, an expectation remains that a software update must add value to the consumer.

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They can be portable radios, work machines, alarm clocks, music devices, emergency communicators etc.

The ability to quickly pick up and use these devices with the expectation that they will remain vastly the same as they were upon purchase is one that I believe is a simple one shared by many.

The first issue here I can see is that Microsoft is treating its customers – paying customers to mind you – like they are all voluntary participants of the Windows Insider program.

Previously Microsoft did not offer upgrades to newer OS versions for free, but users would have to shell out money or get a new PC with the new version already preinstalled.

This worked out for a few years, but Microsoft’s need to turn Windows from an OS that is largely invisible and unobtrusive to one with Microsoft services and apps that users enjoy coupled with Microsoft’s shrinking market share in the OS market created a need for Microsoft to turn Windows into an OS that users “love”.

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