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It is a conflicted and passionate love."The show's female characters are a lot more interesting and three-dimensional than many women's roles on TV. "I heard Kurt recently say that even though the show is very much about the lives of the men, it is very much told through the eyes of the women.I think he's created female characters who can really live with lots of contradictions and conflict.

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understanding women dating - Who is maggie siff dating

As you can imagine on this show and in Charming things don't exactly go smoothly for them. He's really determined that the most important thing to him is family."Fans of the show are really passionate about Jax and Tara. "I don't really know what the criticism and praise is for Jax and Tara's relationship.

These women are smart enough to perceive everything that is happening.

I think it's interesting that it's a man's world in this club, but these women have an incredible amount of strength and that makes them interesting characters."Did you do any research into women in the biker society? And the little that I found didn't lead me to believe that these characters were based on a reality.

The audience's love for this show and Tara's love for Jax runs in parallel.

People love watching this gang of bad biker boys and she loves Jax.

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