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•On Rory Mac Donald’s fashion sense: “It’s his body, if he likes it, it’s good for him.” •Outside of MMA the one thing he wants to do is go back in time to the Cretaceous Era, so see a Tyranosaurus Rex.

•And of course the biggest question on everyone’s mind with Anderson Silva showing up – Is he dating actress Mandy Moore?

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said ‘e felt like a tape recorder after answering endless identical media questions leading up to Saturday night’s showdown with UFC Interim champion Carlos Condit. GSP thinks: •Judging is a bigger problem in MMA than reffing.

•Biggest thing he missed is the pre fight feeling of pressure.

Had a great sparring session with the guys at World Champion Karate dojo! Karate King himself, the one and only Raymond Daniels who is getting ready for his next fight on September 17th.

Got to know many of these good and dedicated people over the years, the UFC staff accomplish a lot of work behind the scenes and always make the extra effort to help fighters. It's sadly only now at 35 years old that I learn that when you're sick, you better keep your training a little bit smoother physically and more technical... Légaré, Samuel Paquin, Samuel Gaudet-Pellerin and coach Patrick Beauchamp! Even if I took a long shower after my training, I still had to put a towel on my head because I kept sweating like crazy.

That's what happens when coach Freddie Roach Official pushes me to my limits!

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