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I've heard you say this album came about a lot quicker than your past ones. The short answer is I think I'm just better at songwriting now.I've figured out how I like to work and what I like to do, but also, when inspiration hits, stuff just pours out. Also, I think it's more and more using the computer, which makes me write on many levels at once. Now, I'm thinking about a harmony, a bass line, and lots things all happening at once as I'm writing a melody, which is fun for me because I'm all about melody. Since those early shows, we've been lucky enough to watch the crafty singer-songwriter grow with his music at a remarkable rate and also strengthen his unique musical identity, something bands often lose sight of as the years roll on.

It's good because I think I can have better turnaround, and I think you have to these days. " Putting out songs that people can get excited about, too.

For me, I like that, and I like getting new music to the fans and making new music.

Ask anyone who's seen him before and they'll tell you the same thing: Eric Hutchinson is not one to miss live in concert, whether you're a die hard fan or somebody just discovering him today.

Before his show tonight at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, Eric shared some fond memories of Charlottesville and a certain Richmond band, as well as some thoughts on what makes him unique.

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