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This corner of Connecticut is part of the New York commuter belt.

An hour by train from the city, it’s Mad Men territory, the kind of sleepily affluent community where, in the Fifties and Sixties, Don Draper-types made their homes.

That is, in his performance, Plummer the cineaste wanted to reference a scene in Marlene Dietrich’s The Blue Angel (1930), in which Emil Jannings, ‘who plays the professor/victim, goes potty at the end – he crows like a rooster. So I kind of stole that, but it was in a totally different context. ’ Plummer chuckles his bassy chuckle and remembers the first time he met Dame Helen. Funnily enough, Dame Helen has just made a big-screen version of the play – playing Prospera, with Russell Brand as Trinculo, in a gender-swapping reboot directed by Julie Taymor (Across The Universe). I got a call to be in it and I said: “who’s playing my part? He hasn’t done Titus Andronicus but, well, he doesn’t count that.

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’ Plummer is a man who knows his women, and his Shakespeare.

I saw it – it’s fascinating, but then it disappears and it has nothing to do with Shakespeare anymore. ‘I don’t think she perhaps knows a lot about acting.’ It’s a crisp winter’s morning in Westport, Connecticut.

Plummer has driven the short distance from his home in Weston to take morning coffee and chew the fat.

We sit in a room in the Westport Community Theatre, a beautiful old playhouse converted from a barn and of which Plummer is a trustee.

I saw that in the Sixties,’ he says of her appearance in the RSC’s Troilus And Cressida. This summer he returns to his old theatrical stamping ground, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario, to take the lead in a new stage production of The Tempest. And if it does work I’m playing mine in a dress.’ Prospero, he notes, ‘is a part we all have to play if we’ve gone through all the other [Shakespeare] parts.’ It’s the only major Shakespeare role he hasn’t taken in a brilliant career stretching back over 60 years.

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