Who does idris elba dating

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More than anytime I miss the encouragement of my friend. Sorry if my selfishness and convenience may have affected your family.

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I guess I am the story of every angry black woman, but the difference is, I don’t want to see you destroyed and through every interview if you noticed, I never wanted to destroy you as a person and a man. Fuck him and that baby momma..." The post was later deleted.

This is not an attempt to get you back, but more to cleanse my soul. Elba who has remained mum regarding Michelle, has yet to respond to the leaked email.

Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous supermodels of our time, so it’s no surprise that she’d be at the heart of a juicy romance rumor periodically. And I’m so happy for all the success he’s having because he’s bloody brilliant. I’m sorry he didn’t get that BAFTA, he deserved that BAFTA in England.

Your imaginary boyfriend, Idris Elba, appears to have reconciled with Naiyana Garth, the makeup artist whom he was rumored to have split with in late February.

The pair hasn't been spotted together since news of their supposed breakup was announced, but they certainly looked happy to be back hand in hand on the red carpet on Sunday in London, where they sported seriously big smiles and posed for photos at the BAFTA Television Awards.

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