When to sleep together dating

by  |  11-Sep-2015 03:57

We want to slap people into reality so they can start thinking for themselves.Rules are great for children, but if adult women take them too literally, they can cut themselves off from opportunities.And it’s offensive to continue hearing “why buy the milk if you get the cow for free?

You need to take risks in love, and rules are designed to keep you safe. You can navigate things and be safe about it, but you still need to take risks – unless that guy you work with is your married boss.

Q: Maybe I have a particularly open-minded group of friends, but I was shocked to learn that there are still women out there who don’t think it’s OK to have sex on the first date. It’s very sexist, and the problem is that a lot of women don’t even question it. One relationship expert I recently saw on television said that if you hook up with someone in the first 30 days, the relationship is 90 percent likely to fail.

But it’s not the sex that’s causing it to fail; most relationships are going to fail.

A: The obvious one is that it’s OK to sleep with someone on the first date.

A recent survey of 1,000 18- to 35-year-old women found that over 83 percent felt that men will lose interest and respect if you hook up with them too soon.

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