Wheesung dating ivy

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(In a way, the act was also less coy.) The nipple slip left Gyuri in tears and her name in the headlines for months.

But the incident also served her better than Jackson's did: Gyuri dramatically increased her public profile, cemented her status as  See Ya's main star and charted a path to becoming a successful actress.

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So it was a shock when, early last year, superstar girl group Karafiled a suitagainst their label, DSP Media, to have their contracts terminated.

The girls cited mismanagement, an overloaded work schedule, and issues with their pay—all claims that DSP denied.

Kara rejoined DSP, and after seeing their album sales spike from all the publicity the scandal generated, they returned to the charts bigger and better than ever.

Still, nothing could offset the damage done to Hyori's reputation.

The superstar and sex symbol once voted “the Beyonce of K-pop” hasn't released an album since, and instead worked on her image with charity work and safe TV gigs.

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