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Whether this love proves to be true and will endure the test of time however remains to be seen." How many days should you wait for him to call? According to an AOL survey, a whopping 91 per cent of men will call within the first three days if they like you.

And nearly half (45 per cent) will call the day after a date.

And 16 per cent of younger singles have had "revenge sex" ("sex to get back at someone else"). It seems a little hard to believe that just 14 per cent of women are indulging the threesome fantasies of almost one-third of single men. The rare exception is one who has a moral upbringing and is preparing for the priesthood." How many dates before you decide you want and will ask for an exclusive relationship? Davis says, "Usually after some dates and at least one pleasurable sexual experience, you will start thinking about keeping that person for yourself and not sharing the goods." How long before you start looking for greener pastures? The most common time for break-ups is around the three-to-five-month mark, when the shiny excitement and good behavior of a new relationship is starting to wear off, and our real selves start to seep through. In an informal coffee shop poll (as in, I asked some people while I was standing in a horribly long line at Starbucks) the general consensus was four to six months. You have to build up a trust with people before you can hand over complete access to your home." How long before you know you want to marry someone? While many women mentally fast-forward through a fantasy projection of marriage, children, golden retrievers and clam bakes at Siesta Key within a few short weeks of meeting someone new, men and women both come to the same "I Do" or "I Don't" conclusion at the same juncture: about one year.

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And that you've been hooking up with weirdos almost exclusively.

"Love is a term commonly used for one's favorite food, car, TV show, clothing and singer.

With the word love being so readily used in today's culture people can fall in love within six dates.

And if you were exactly normal (five-feet, eight-inches tall, 167 pounds, with a dog and 0.7 cats), you would be, well, abnormal. My girlfriend will dump me if I don't propose after 57 dates. My friend Susan only sleeps with bald guys named Frank. So darlings, for your dating pleasure, I have compiled a list of Official Dating Averages.

Don't feel bad about it though; nobody actually is.

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