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by  |  02-Mar-2015 21:23

And here you go, I've found at least two ladyboys within 200m of my own location: !

So the above haul of people in my neighbourhood of Bangkok includes 2 ladyboys and 3 single ladies. In somewhere like Thailand, it's a good bet that anyone writing English in their profile is looking for a foreigner to meet. The downside to We Chat is that you can't actually tell how old anyone is.

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And if you're interested in meeting ladyboys in your own neighbourhood then it's worth a look - you might just get lucky. Given that I live in Bangkok, the place is positively swarming with ladyboys! The best and coolest thing about the app is that you can use the function to find people in your local area.

The other day I swear I saw 100 ladyboys in just one single day. I bet Kirk from Star Trek didn't have a ladyboy detector on his Tricorder.

So don't go chatting to underage girls (or ladyboys for that matter! I'll give you a tip that with location-based apps it's a good idea to move around your city and see who else you can find.

But if you have a smart phone then you can get We Chat to do exactly this function!

Here are some screen dumps of the wonderful We Chat in action.

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