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All screenshots courtesy Taylor Cooper It's no secret that not everyone who you talk to on the internet is who he or she claims to be.

A growing number of men are falling victim to a scam in which catfish accounts on Facebook are adding them and then trading direct messages back and forth before convincing the guys to whip out their dingles and buttholes on Skype.

Taylor Cooper, a 26-year-old pipeline worker from British Columbia who asked VICE to use his real name in case other victims want to reach out to him, became one victim of this widespread scam in August. bookworm-y type girl" using the name Kelsey Smith, who appeared to be in her early 20s and had no mutual friends with him, added him on Facebook, began a private messenger string with him, and convinced him to get on Skype with her.

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Most cam shows feature solo stripteases and masturbation as the ladies pleasure their bodies for the benefit of the audience.

Couples are rare but from time to time they fuck on webcam.

In the [IM] conversation I sent you, that's the whole thing, and within about an hour, we Skyped.

What exactly did the person get you to do on Skype?

" And she's like, "You should add me on Skype." I'm kind of no stranger to internet hookups and stuff like that, so I was all game, and then we started Skyping, and it was the girl in the pictures—she was on the camera.

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