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In-game romantic relationships are even more understudied than other kinds of digitally mediated romance, and what studies do exist tend to skew towards consternation.

A few years ago, researchers at the University of Wisconsin set up an adorable little virtual institute in partner and real-life beau were one and the same—in fact, some were happier with their in-game lovers, though that might go with the territory when your second life doesn’t involve doing the dishes or dealing with in-laws.

In IRC role-plays and forums, partners who are vocal about their in-world sex lives, though they don’t want to give their real names, seem pretty nonchalant about their relationships.

One guy I spoke to said he and his partner both have in-game significant others in their long-term IRC role-play, but that they really consider their roles to be authorial, even when it comes to the sex their characters enjoy—it’s more about fleshing out the characters than enacting specific fantasies.

Still, when she got into erotic role play specifically, she was worried he might become uncomfortable with it—they created some boundaries (only in-character dirty talk, the sex had to be a part of the larger story) and she gave her husband access to all her chat logs.

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