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by  |  12-Dec-2015 16:58

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Vba turn off screenupdating

Hence, I really don't believe I missed a line setting it to true. I'm 1000% sure its not the code as every workbook I have used to function, then the other day every workbook where I had a macro that set screenupdating to false stop doing just that.

But for example here is some code that worked as expected: Sheets(Array("Output Monthly", "Output Daily")).

Below a short (3-line) piece of code that turns off screen updating, applies the MS Project standard "Gantt Chart" view (though any view or table produces the same effect), then turns screen updating on again.

When you run the code, the result is all task names and gantt chart bars disappear and only the dependencies remain in the Gantt chart.

After further investigation, it turns out that even with Screen Updating = False, it does not turn off screen updating.

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