rich ladies dating - Vb net updating dataset from datagridview

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Maybe before you were catching the exception and simply ignoring it and carrying on, which would seem like nothing had happened to the user.

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Accept Changes will discard Deleted rows while Reject Changes will discard Added rows. All the functions used now check for a closed connection, and only close when the administration closes.

I've tried this numerous ways, but I can't seem to update the Data Table, and save it back to the My SQL database!!! Any clues on how to do this (without using, I'm using Mysql connector) will be greatly appreciated. That My SQL connector is just a My SQL-specific implementation of the common ADO. Data namespace just as the members of Sql Client are a SQL Server-specific implementation, the members of Oracle Client are an Oracle-specific implementation, the members of Ole Db are an OLEDB-specific implementation, etc., etc. NET|Custom Calendar You specifically do NOT have to call Accept Changes. Accept Changes has no connection to the database whatsoever.

And no, this doesn't update it: Myadapter.update(mydatatable) It doesn't save it back to the database like i need. What it does is set the Row State of every Data Row to Unchanged, indicating that that row does not need to be saved.

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If you then call Update there are no rows that need saving so nothing gets saved.

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