Validating xml against dtd

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That's the reason for me to use a little wrapper, which I post here in case anyone finds it useful. If you are loading xml with the intention of validating it against an internal dtd and you have experienced issues with the validation it could be related to missing LIBXML constants.

I found this post by "aidan at php dot net" in root level dom docs and thought it might be more useful here: As of PHP 5.1, libxml options may be set using constants rather than the use of proprietary Dom Document properties.

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Your best bet may be to alter the document to include the DTD before parsing using some other mechanism.

Transformer Factory tf = Transformer Factory Instance(); Transformer transformer = Transformer(); Output Property( Output Keys.

load(), it was getting the errors "failed to open stream" and "Validation failed: no DTD found !

I/O warning : failed to load external entity"so I created my own validation wrapper (I just want to find the IDs with get Element By Id() ) When validating documents with this method there are two issues I don't like about it.

How can I validate an XML file against a DTD that is stored locally as a file?

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