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The ability to provide students with standardized clinical experiences on demand is a radical change in clinical education that allows the participant to assess, intervene in and re-evaluate a simulated patient’s condition and response to treatment.When health care simulation is combined with a theoretical framework, specific objectives developed and a briefing strategy identified, it can yield a unique and positive immersive learning opportunity.The beauty of simulation-enhanced learning is that it uniquely and deliberately allows participants to make mistakes at the bedside in a controlled environment with no risk to a patient.

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Personally, I enjoy seeing the “light go on” in the face of the participants when they really “get it.” The rapid discussion of how they made the connection from their reading or didactic education to clinical application is the key. That’s when I know we have had a positive experience.

Keys to successful simulation training experiences Successful simulation requires planning and practice.

Often administrators, staff, novice facilitators, course managers, clinicians and even participants may underestimate the preparation needed.

A programmatic framework with specific steps is essential to support successful repeatable outcomes.

The process may include a theoretical framework, orientation to the simulator, an explanation of the facilitator and participant roles and expectations, and preselection of specific achievable and measurable objectives. The participant should lead and be empowered through pre- and post-briefing to achieve true change in practice through discovery learning.

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