Updating sportrak pro updating gallery2

by  |  12-Apr-2016 20:03

The new Map Send Direct Route maps will provide more accurate maps plus provide automatic routing.

There is no "spell matrix" as is with the City list.

The Pro (which has been loaded with the optional Map Send Streets & Destinations USA) has a sub menu, "Spor Trak_Pro" which contains those of the 330 plus 21 NEW classes of POI from "Aerial Activities" to "Zoos & Aquarium". This database contains the recorded waypoints, and can be sorted by Near Position, Alphabetical, or Near City.

To find a waypoint in the alphabetical list, one must scroll through up to half the waypoint list which can take some time.

(see review HERE) packaged in a more ergonomically pleasing package, and is 14g lighter. The screen resolution is the same (see HERE), but the Pro screen is a little whiter, more visible, and the 2-step backlight is brighter. The Pro has the same operating system as the Map 330 with the addition of a 3-D "Road Screen" which is the same as in the waterways, airports, parks, fixed navaids, buoys, lighthouses, marinas, and obstructions.

The Spor Trak Map comes standard with a base map consisting of cities, highways, airports, waterways, and parks.

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