Updating ruby version

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If you have not already done so you may wish to read the Installing Calabash on OS X guide and install Calabash.hello, i really can't understand the commands in the link you gave me.This will cause the requested version of Ruby to be downloaded and installed on the system.

would you mind type here the commands to update Ruby to the version 1.9.1 ?

*when i try yum ubdate ruby: [email protected] [~]# yum update ruby Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * addons: mirror.5* base: mirrors.* extras: mirror.5* updates: centos-distro.addons | 951 B base | 2.1 k B extras | 2.1 k B updates | 1.9 k B Excluding Packages in global exclude list Finished Setting up Update Process No Match for argument: ruby No package ruby available.

No Packages marked for Update I am waiting the commands to update Ruby Thanks. You will either need to compile* and install it, or download a compatible RPM from the internet and install that instead.

A quick google search shows a few options, like this page (I'm not vouching for it, I just found it on google).

Good luck --Kyle * Note, if you compile it yourself, you probably want to append 1.9 or 1.9.1 or whatever to the binaries, otherwise things may get confused.

Updating ruby version

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