Updating rails application

by  |  24-Jun-2015 02:49

You will report to our Director of Web Development and be responsible for building all the cool features into our client websites along with our front-end developers.

With up 20 new websites developed in house each month, there are always new and interesting challenges.

These types of applications are also frequently known as single-page ... I am working on a web application, with the client side being written in angular js and the server side being written in node js -- with an sql database. As mentioned above i would like to know if it is possible to connect my app with a database in the webserver? One works perfectly, but the other the ng-repeats are not showing up. I cannot link the model to controller Second Ctrl for some reason.

I was thinking of creating a php dir with a simple php connection file to my db.

Also we are only set up for US employees so you must be in the US and legally able to work here.

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