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More than a billion dollars in lawsuits…Most online dating services, like Match.com, and require that you provide a short header message (opening line) that shows up under your username when people do searches.

These tips will help you create one that stands out...#onlinedatingarticles #onlinedatingprofile Many people desire perfect skin, but only those who follow a daily routine actually achieve it.

As the saying goes, "You're only as old as the man you're feeling." So, were Madonna, Mariah, and J-Lo all on to something when they dated considerably younger beaus?

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] August 28, 2015 – The controversial CEO of Avid Life Media, Noel Biderman, has resigned his position due to fallout surrounding the Ashley Madison hack.

Pull up a chair, get some chocolate, and lets make your profile header the best it can be!

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