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It was reports of a sickening stench, which one neighbor likened to dog food, that led police to knock on the door of the pair’s apartment to find the grisly scene.Police discovered Volke in the filthy apartment, cooking body parts over the stove.


Originally from Ballarat in Victoria, Australia the 28-year-old listed his last city of residence as Vienna in Austria.

The Australian chef believed to have slaughtered his transgender wife and boiled her body parts in a chemical stew didn’t have a criminal record.

There was no evidence of drug use or any suspicious drugs in the apartment where Marcus Volke was reportedly found by police in Brisbane with his girlfriend’s remains strewn about.

Weeks before the killing he posted an article about a man who was gang-bashed for standing up for a group of women, commending the victim with the caption “champion mate.” He also appeared passionate about humanitarian issues and advocated ending animal cruelty.

The young chef would also frequently post dietary advice and research articles about food, including “the benefits of bone broth,” and why organ meats were “the superfoods of the animal world”.

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