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by  |  22-Jul-2016 20:51

And the whole concept of “dating” puts introverts at a disadvantage, since bright and loud personalities stand out in a crowd. The ironic part is that, while they struggle to meet people in ways that feel natural and comfortable, once they get past the (inevitably awkward) first date, they make the best dates, partners and lovers.

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They usually realize it after three dates with an extremely extroverted partner.

Even if they are not excited or ready for the relationship, they let it grow at an incredibly quick pace.

It usually makes for a conversation you’ll actually enjoy.

Your extroverted friends will talk constantly about their latest conquests and have a Rolodex of the men they’re seeing right now (or binders of women – if they’re into that).

I recently made plans to meet a newly single introverted friend at a local bar.

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