The formview fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled Live nude girls chat without resistration

by  |  26-Mar-2016 21:06

the formview fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled-20

you could place whatever data logic you need to access your database, pass update commands, etc. NET 2.0, when used through manual databinding just require yopu top handle certain events, and they inform it this way. Handle Event(Event Args e, Boolean causes Validation, String validation Group) +545 System.

However, I now have the need to update the formview. Update Item(), and then a Link Button control, and in both cases get a "missing event handler" error.

NET connector, and I've been able to run action queries on this database when directly coding them. Handle Update(String command Arg, Boolean causes Validation) +972 System.

On your form view, just associate your Update, Edit, Cancel, etc buttons with similar Command Name parameters: Like so...

and in your code behind, create an event method for Item Command.

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