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Narrower lines would cause the reader to have to switch from line to line unnecessarily often.Line length can be measured by the physical length of the line (e.g. It can also refer to the number of characters in a line.The number of characters per line can be varied by changing type size, but keeping the same physical length, e.g. Reading takes place in small leaps of 5–10 characters at a time.

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Unfortunately I rarely come across a post bringing up text layout or typography (heck, I even forgot about it in my previous posts).

However, when it does, it seems to be limited to the optimal line length.

Is readability, and therefore text layout, condemned to merely an amount of characters or words on a line of text?

Other variables, such as columns, window size, interlinear spacing, interaction between characters per line and eye movement, scrolling movements, reading patterns and format familiarity are equally important.

Typographic variables have been studied abundantly throughout the years. Serif or Sans Serif Typefaces), indented paragraphs, character density, letter spacing, type size (because of its relation to line length) and many others.

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