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Each episode leaves you wanting to know what’s going to happen next to the characters. We only shot one week in LA for this series and didn’t go at all for the first series. Seeing how protective you have to be over this child you are creating and then seeing what a monster it can turn into when it’s sent to the wrong crèche – if you get the analogy.

I sound like a bit of a geek but it’s about how farmers will have a future on the world market.

I’m not sure if it was anything I did – maybe he was just excited by Shakespeare’s prose, although I did quite a bit of Cuban dancing, maybe that was it.

I could hear this kerfuffle and I was thinking ‘how dare they, why aren’t they listening, I’m doing serious acting’ and I was mortified to find out later it was because a whole row of children were covered in their friend’s vomit. I might read them after the play but not while I’m doing it.

Do you keep souvenirs from the things you’ve been in? Yes, she’s a tough businesswoman, but she’s had bad things happen to her: she was once held hostage in the village shop and had an abusive boyfriend.

It’s great they’re having this dialogue about British farming.

Tamsi sex video

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