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For instance, when you wake up in the morning don’t reach for your mobile and start checking emails in bed before you’ve even wiped the drool from your cheeks, or you’ll start your day feeling stressed and anxious.

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Brendon Burchard, motivational speaker, NY Times best-selling author and coach says, “emails are just other people’s agendas”, so don’t start the day with other people’s, start with your own agenda.

This is always a bit of a grey area but it’s important to let our boss know that you’re 100% present at work and will give it your all during your expected work hours, but make sure they know that you have outside responsibilities too.

Your subconscious mind is most receptive in the first 20 minutes of you waking up, so why not use this time to do some yoga stretches, journaling, or spend that little extra bit of time in bed making love.

You’ll get off on a positive foot and set a boundary that this is your personal time; a time of self-love and shared love.

But before you go on a frenzied Facebook rant, we’ve put together 6 ways in which you can create a better work/love/life balance for yourselves.

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