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You could also ask one of your children or grandchildren or a computer-savvy friend to help you get up and running.And even better - you have the ability to quickly scan through the profiles of thousands of people in your age group and find out a lot about them, about their likes and dislikes and their personality and outlook on life, BEFORE you decide whether you want to spend an afternoon or evening with them.There are many free senior dating services out there and many that charge a low monthly fee.

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Single people, and opportunities to socialize, were everywhere!

So if your excuse for staying home alone night after night is that it’s just too hard to meet people - that excuse is history! If you aren’t comfortable with computers, now is the time to learn.

There are free classes available through senior centers, at libraries, and at community colleges, geared specifically towards people who have never been on a computer before.

If you are a senior who is thinking of getting back into the dating game, congratulations but first read the senior single dating advice below.

Senior dating sites are becoming more popular for the mature senior individual.

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