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When Wilson didn’t answer, Guy checked with a neighbor and then called the police, who beat down the door and found that the elderly woman had fallen and was unable to reach the phone to call for help.

Some low-income seniors may be able to get Medicaid to pay for nursing home costs, but states and local government budgets will have a hard time handling the crunch, and besides, many of the places that take Medicaid are under-staffed and run-down.

Many aging people will not find them to their liking.

“The only thing you have to change is the attitudinal perspective of what kind of supports are out there naturally already.”* * *In the late 1990s, as Susan Mc Whinney-Morse reached age 65, she kept receiving one piece of advice: move.

The story illustrates one of the biggest fears many seniors and their families face about aging alone. This is a pricey proposition—assisted living costs, on average, $3,000 a month, and some Continuing Care Retirement Communities require seniors to cough up a hefty down payment, say $250,000, for their apartment (which sometimes is refunded to heirs upon the resident’s death). population—about 88 million people—will be 65 and older.

But the economics of this aren’t going to work for much longer. Many of them won’t have saved enough money for an assisted living or retirement community.

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