issues dating relationship - Sim 2 character dating older sim

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Players can build and furnish homes for their Sims, in order to fulfill the Sims' motives.

They can choose to focus on building their Sims' relationships and skills in order to advance through their careers or start a family.

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There are also in-game tutorials present in each of the pre-made lots to help players learn certain aspects of gameplay.

Sims' personalities are given an overhaul, with each Sim having an aspiration, wants, and fears.

The Sims 2, like its predecessor and successor games, is open-ended with few goals.

The Sims 2, commonly referred to as TS2, is the first sequel to The Sims and the second major title in The Sims series.

The Sims 2 was first released on September 14, 2004.

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