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by  |  20-May-2015 16:47

Twitter's market capitalisation of .8 billion means each user is worth roughly .

Economies of scale also mean that larger apps should be more profitable.

Fortunately, Line is adept at making money from its most committed users, who buy virtual "stickers" and spend money on games.

It has attracted 218 million monthly active users with cartoon-like emoticons and games featuring mascots, Brown the bear and his rabbit girlfriend Cony. This makes the Tokyo-based group less alluring than some rivals.

Facebook-owned Whats App hit a billion monthly active users earlier this year.

For the first time, judges in China have started conducting some cases through We Chat, China's most popular instant messaging app, as part of efforts to provide flexibility and convenience for judges and lawyers in far-flung areas. About 310 million people logged on in March - 3% more than the same month last year.

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