Sex typing chatroom

by  |  22-Oct-2016 07:40

This makes the hoots and hollers seem more menacing.

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Their chances of being abducted and killed by a stranger are, according to the numbers he crunched, 1 in 1.5 million. That’s how I expect it will be repeated at PTA meetings from here till eternity, anyway.

He’s the one responsible for the terrifying statistic, “One in seven juveniles will be solicited online”—a number that got predictably huge media play when it came out in 2006, and a number he stands by, with one enormous caveat: Most of those solicitations, he says, are the Internet equivalent of “wolf whistles.”In other words, they come from guys who are drive-by typing, saying things like, “What’s your bra size? ” Not guys actually trying to lure fans off to the mall.

As uncomfortable as these comments might make us feel as parents, they’re absolutely nothing new. Then they’ve probably heard similar comments many times before.

Finkelhor’s whole motive in life is to keep kids safe from sexual predators.

That’s why he doesn’t want people focusing on the wrong thing—unlikely scenarios like cyberstalking—when there are bigger dangers, like sex abuse in the home.

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