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The transformation from Sushi Nozawa to Sugarfish -- the most consistent chain of any kind we've ever eaten at, and some of the best under-$50 sushi anywhere -- can't be unobserved: Sugarfish is great. Okay, props to one more sushi joint: this unassuming, tucked-away spot serves not only hearty helpings of salmon nigiri and crazy-good uni, but they also have the best blackened cod on the Boulevard.

Black Market's a mid-sized Studio City gastrobistro that's merged the talents of a Top Chef All-Star, the dude from Harvard & Stone, and the former GM at Bardot, with a moody interior that looks like a bar Van Helsing might pre-game at before taking on the Count, featuring intricately paneled windows, a multi-tiered mirrored bar, and a half-dome exposed brick ceiling.

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Because you either 1) don't want to go all the way to the Valley, or 2) can't believe no one'll make a stupid 20min drive over the Hill to hang out, here's your guide to the 11 best spots to eat right in the middle, all located on (or a baseball's throw from) Ventura Blvd, in between where Cahuenga becomes Ventura, and just West of the 405. It's pretty extraordinary how the just-off-Cahuenga section of Ventura's become a gastropub haven in the past few years.

The most exciting Japanese noodle-slurpery in all of LA right now is this spot in... Part of that trend's clearly indebted to the success of Black Market, which pairs Not only does this (yes, again) gastropub have one of the best burgers in town that you've never heard of, but they've also got an insane beer list, and're walking distance from the Galleria, where you'll smirk at the people waiting in line at The Cheesecake Factory...

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