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Sierra Landry was a 16-year-old cheerleader with good grades and aspirations of becoming a model when she began dating a schoolmate who would eventually end up harassing, beating and ultimately killing her, Sierra's stepmother, Jessica Landry, told CBS News' Crimesider.But Sierra's death might have been prevented, says her stepmother, if Sierra had been able to get an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend - something the Landrys' home state of South Carolina prohibits.

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Break the Cycle, an agency devoted to empowering youth to end domestic violence, says that seven other states, a majority of which are in the south, also do not include dating relationships in their definition of domestic violence, often preventing the youngest victims of relationship abuse from applying for any type of restraining order.

"That excludes a huge amount of relationships - especially for young people," Cristina Escobar, a spokesperson for Break the Cycle, told Crimesider.

Throughout the relationship, Sierra tried to break-up with Crolley several times, according to her stepmother. 14, 2013, Sierra broke-up with him for good - but, Landry told Crimesider, he still wouldn't leave her alone; 16 days later, she says, Crolley shot Sierra in the face with a gun he stole from his parents' house, and left her to die in a stranger's yard.

Landry said the relationship was tumultuous from the start.

"We, as parents, noticed all kinds of red flags and we did everything we could to make that relationship no more and of course, that didn't go over too well," Landry said.

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