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by  |  09-Apr-2016 14:18

I was feeling pretty anxious about the 21-hour train journey from Belgrade to Bucharest.

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And if the internet were to have a designated Red Light District, it would be Romania, where there are currently an estimated 2,000 studios in operation.

Up until July I shared a flat in Birmingham with two cousins, Lorenz and Alessandro.

When I moved out at short notice, I was worried that I'd left the pair in the lurch, but – as it turned out – my timing couldn't have been better.

The cousins’ studio – Kazampo – is the latest addition to that digital bordello.

It’s housed on a Bucharest backstreet in a purpose-built building that can accommodate up to 11 "models" at a time, masturbating in the direction of a webcam for lonesome, horny Americans.

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