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You obviously have not sampled the most morally clean segments of this population. She did not try to get any money out of me, but I later caught her using fake dating scammer pics to try to scam guys.

In other words, the vast majority of Lagos society seemed to support the scammers even if they were not scammers themselves. We learned that they virtually imprisoned the women in their homes.

None of them were formally involved in any typical type Internet scamming. All of the men acted horribly towards the women in the group, jacking off at them.

Recall that we had a large number of “ordinary Africans” who came to the group to “help us catch the scammers.” I think they really did want to do that.

We learned of retail scams such as the rare beetle scam and the gold for sale scam which is prevalent over the entire region. From a woman who went to Lagos, we learned that the whole city smells of rotting garbage and how a Nigerian woman tried to rob her when she was only in the country for 10 minutes and how many of the baggage handlers and checkers were said to be thieves. From our Nigerian sources, we learned that Internet scamming is apparently one of the largest industries in Nigeria.

Many Internet cafes had 90% scammers in them during daylight hours.

Senegal ip banned dating sites

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