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Position of the boobs on the torso is more important and if you have narrow shoulders, you have a better ‘plunge’. The first topless Page 3 girl in The Sun newspaper was Stephanie Rhan, who was 20 years old. Statistically your left breast is probably bigger than your right – and there is normally one cup size difference between each pair.

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Big and bouncy or small and pert most people – women included – are fascinated by our twin peaks. According to research, men’s nipples are equally as sensitive as women’s. The average boobs in the UK are now a 36D up from a 30B back in the 1950s. If you’re looking for a new way to burn off calories, ageing expert Dr Katren Weatherby, says that staring at breasts for ten minutes a day is said to be equal to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and can help men live longer!

So we thought we’d pull together some weird and wonderful chest-related trivia facts to help you pass the day! The average woman owns an extensive 16 bras at one time, according to Transform Cosmetic Surgery. The surgery clinic also reports that cash-strapped men prefer women with a bigger bust, while those who are more financially secure, like smaller-breasted women. Men also have mammary glands and the ability to produce milk – but it’s normally the result of hormone treatment. There is an American NGO, which fights for women’s rights to get her boobs out wherever she likes in public. The largest recorded natural boob size in history is 102ZZZ. Katren’s study proved that men over 40 who look at a pair of D-cups daily, get their hearts pumping and stay healthy. Smoker’s boobs tend to sag because the toxins in the cigarettes affect the elastin in the skin. In 2000, Gisele Bundchen wore the world’s most expensive bra for Victoria’s Secrets encrusted with 1,300 gems.

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