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Scott was quite willing to discuss all of this, so let's get to the part where I get a lot of emails in when I post up who I'm going to be interviewing next.

It's a mailbag, and I've gotten a lot of questions from different viewers. And then we go through January 4th and we're back at it for the last eight or nine episodes. All I know is that I'm going to be "jealous" for a while.

It created a lot of tension that otherwise wouldn't have been there, so -- I'm sure Amy planned it from the beginning. If you say "the" instead of "and," they do another take. There was a typo on the second scene, the character had a different name. Scott - I kinda had the dumb courage of the Truly Burned-Out Actor. I felt like I was in the room with the right people finally. And then I went to the other audition and I got home, and I checked my messages and I got the job! The pilot script was of such quality that - - you don't really see that come along very often, during a pilot season.

But after the game, they told me they were selling me back to the Yankees. So, I'm sure Amy - - if she does get us together - prematurely, in my estimation - she'll do it in such a way that it'll be compelling, and then she'll break us up and bring us back together when it's -- you know, in a higher dramatic moment. Do you feel the part will lock you out of something? Scott - Yeah, we're - - I mean, we've all gotten very lucky.

Scott - Yeah, well - - she sees things that I don't see, because I don't get to see the show very often. We've hit the lottery here, and it's beyond our wildest expectations.

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