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Never mind that Caan himself received the news from girlfriend Kacy Byxbee some time in late 2013, and was blessed with baby Josie James last July. But having a kid with this woman I’m with is stronger than any piece of paper or ring I can get.” At Burbank’s Falcon Theatre through July 12, began as a play with 11 interwoven characters, including actors playing past selves in flashback.

Lest you confuse him with the play's protagonist, Charlie, who can’t decide between committing to parenthood or playing the field, the star was overjoyed to learn he was going to be a father. Caan presented the play to the Falcon’s Kathleen Marshall La Gambina (Garry Marshall’s daughter), who showed it to Broadway director Matt August (), who suggested paring it down to three characters.

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Caan's rep has not yet responded to requests for comment.

, focuses on a guy at a crossroads when he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.

It’s not exactly the same as his real-life circumstances, but it allowed Caan a rare opportunity to grapple with relationship issues on the show.

This is his second play for the Falcon, and he’s written another half dozen or more for Playhouse West.

“He wrote a quarry from which we were able to excavate the play,” says August. He brought great character.” It could be because Caan had visited this place emotionally on when his character, Danny, learns that his ex-wife’s son is actually his after being told otherwise in season 2.

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