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That alone proves she'll be a great mom, he says.

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PHOTOS: The Biggest Loser's amazing body makeovers The development is a happy one for the couple, who weathered the ultimate storm when Poueu fell 54 feet from a fire escape in September 2011.

Anderson helped nurse her man back to health after he woke up in the hospital with a punctured lung, severed kidney, shattered pelvis, fractured tibia, and traumatic brain injury.

"That was an early sign for me that our child is going to have the best mother ever." VIDEO: Sam and Stephanie talk about his accident Of how he felt upon hearing the happy news, he adds: "Given everything we both have been through this past year, this [pregnancy] eclipsed everything. I felt like this was one of the many reasons God kept me alive during the five-story fall, so I could be the father of my wife's baby." Anderson, for her part, says Poueu has already mastered the whole "doting dad" act. I'm starting to feel changes in my body, and I'm excited to see the full out belly!

" VIDEO: How Sam proposed to Stephanie The CBS Radio account exec, 33 -- who started dating Poueu during 's ninth season, which aired in 2010 -- adds that they'll find out the baby's gender in February.

Season 3's Marty Wolf and Amy Hildreth are married with one son.

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