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Background: First appearing on television as a guest in an episode of the TV series "Superboy" and "Law & Order," Sabrina Lloyd would be familiar among TV viewers as Wade Kathleen Welles (1995-1999), the best friend of Jerry O'Connell's Quinn Mallory, on the Fox sci-fi series "Sliders," as senior associate producer Natalie Hurley on ABC sitcom "Sports Night" (1998-2000), as Frankie Hector (2003) on NBC comedy "Ed," and as Terry Lake (2005), a forensic psychologist who often acted as a profiler for Don Eppes' (played by Rob Morrow) FBI team, on CBS crime/cop drama "Numb3rs." Meanwhile, the enigmatic yet appealing 5' 4" brown haired/eyed actress, who made her big screen debut alongside Malcolm Mc Dowell and Linda Fiorentino in ''Chain of Desire'' (1992), has appeared in the such films as "Father Hood" (1993), "Wanderlust" (2001), "Dopamine" (2003), "Melinda and Melinda" (2004), and "The Girl from Monday" (2005).

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Besides acting, Sabrina also has a fine singing voice.

She writes and records original music with her guitar.

She has been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 6 years and currently resides in New York alongside her two cats, Lucy and Theodore.

Virginia-Born, Florida-Raised Born in Fairfax, Virginia, on November 20, 1970, Sabrina Lloyd later spent her childhood in Eustis, Florida.

She began acting at age 12 in a Mount Dora production of ''Annie,'' and at age 15, she was accepted as a student exchange program which allowed her to spend a year studying drama at the Brisbane Royal Theater Company.

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