Russian women interested in dating

by  |  22-Mar-2015 16:15

The stuff I've heard come out of the mouths of ordinary Russians has been shocking.That being said, I'm sure there's a girl for you in Russia if you're a decent guy. It's just that the prevalence of bigotry is much higher there.The stereotypical image of a babooska from a few decades back, or the vibrant, beautiful, young Eastern European woman who looks like she stepped off the pages of a glamour magazine?

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Having spent some time in Russia, my opinion is that Russians are among the most bigoted people on the planet.

They make the Japanese look loving and tolerant in comparison.

I am just curious to know whether Russian women would be interested in Indian guys or not. Also, I have heard that Russian women are family oriented, no drama when compared to American women.

I have spoken to a couple of Russian girls here and they have a sexy accent.

Expect a large fraction of women to not be interested simply because of your skin color.

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