Restore iphone 4 without updating software

by  |  22-Jun-2015 18:45

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It's always a bit of a risk downloading software from a place other than the vendor, but I don't know of a better option.

Typically, when a new OS is released, i Tunes will only download the latest software if you don't already have an older version of the software stored locally.

At this point I have pressed "cancel", as I'm concerned that if I go ahead and update, I won't be able to restore my phone with last weeks backup, because this was backed up under i OS 6.

How can I restore the phone to i OS 6 and recover my backup?

i Tunes prompted me to install the latest version (11.1) and I went ahead and did this, remembering that I saw somewhere that you need to be running the latest version of i Tunes to be able to restore.

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